Spill Writing

Becoming (We are all made of stars, johnsmith)

becoming flower, becoming voice, becoming image, becoming star, becoming light shard, becoming dispersed, becoming cyborg


Shards of light flicker, the macro lens of a camera feeds enlarged spools of fractal colours, spilling out onto a screen with the concentrated aim of capturing the moving landscape of a body. It appears as an unidentifiable cosmic terrain, rupturing any sense of creating a containable image.


I am reminded of an old story of early film technology, and the magic and mysticism attributed to it’s illusions. This is the magic of mimesis, that hides it’s own modes of production and conceals the materiality of film, the digital, and the labour of framing.


johnsmith shifts the optics of representation not for the sake of authenticity, but making visible a process of becoming image.


Mediation spills out in shards, spools and psychedelic colours. Alien cosmic landscapes of illusion, sit with the theatricality of a body succumbing to the tools of surgical representation- tiny macro cameras, needles, and a UV bag. I think of toxicity and sickness, as UV liquid filters through johnsmith’s veins. But this body is not sown up or containable.


becoming hair, becoming glass, becoming screen, becoming dildo, becoming song, becoming landscape, becoming star


The body and the film merge as an assemblage as they make a shaving motion with a pin camera, their voice is displaced, deep voice attributed to masc, flowering outwards to femme. Their body becomes a toxic, contagious image that stays with me now and is expelled outward through writing and future reading.


I think of reorientating the toxic as a queer feminist strategy. If much of our world and representational technologies is about containing and identifying bodies, to stymie perceived toxicities from othered ill bodies and contagion from non-western parts of the world. johnsmith’s We are all made of stars, suggests a repurposing of these representational strategies, so that the toxicity and contagious nature of images can create new ways of being that slip between becomings.


becoming breath, becoming amplified, becoming molecular, becoming technojunkie, becoming contagious