Spill Writing

Coffee Morning: On Labour (Impressions)


A vocabulary of mass/e:











A series of questions:


How to work together, or, the politics of work, or work-place, or, between structures of work and labour, or, processes of being.


A series of answers, between heritage and place, identity and displacement:


Unlearning dance, re-visiting ceremony, working from the rituals of one’s heritage not just as an activist stance, but as a mode of being and learning.


Being identified versus self-identification: this seems particularly pertinent at a time when ‘citizen’, ‘foreigner’, ‘stranger’, are all gaining currency in right-wing political rhetoric – a kind of displacement of sorts.


(I am thinking about Ocean Island Mine, and how it speaks of displacement in a Pacific context, how it unfolds discourses around climate change to a human level, unpacking how communities are affected, and the skewed power structures that sustain necessity and reinforce power)


Labour performed, labour assimilated, labour imprinted- labour showing onto the body, the body showing labour, the economics of labour, the necessity and (in)visibility of labour.


A series of nomadic thoughts, lingering in between


Duration as a mode of unfolding different conceptions of (non-linear) time


Being identified, rather than identifying


Displacement not only as the process of being moved, or moving by necessity, but also being re-contextualised, re-positioned, re-read


Processes of cultural valuation in relation to identity politics, in relation to labour


The displacement, the refugee as a political and social moment, the interweaving of lineage and conflict, the labour of moving ahead, or being moved.


The body as a place of history


– Diana