Here’s to Tomorrow: Latest news

In May 2019 Pacitti Company held Here’s to Tomorrow, a public discussion with young people, organisations and adults to talk about how we best serve the hopes and needs of young people in Ipswich. Young people in the room spoke about the challenges facing them with, raising issues of mental health and wellbeing, gang violence, and a need for safe spaces.

Last Wednesday we held space for organisations who work with young people, to come together and explore what types of resources we may jointly be able to offer, in order to make this happen.

Pactti Company are now asking every organisation, company or person with something to offer, to share that information with us, whether this be project ideas, physical space, connections, financing etc. Please let us know:

  • What can you offer?
  • How is that resourced?
  • Does it come with other possible offers (i.e. if it is space, what about staff?)
  • Is it sustainable – can you offer it in an ongoing way?
  • Is it in your gift to offer or does it need sign off elsewhere?
  • Does it need other partners, context or resource to offer?

Please email your reply to these questions by July 1 to