Spill Writing

Me, Myself and My Oreos (Tania Camara)




Black on White on Black on White without Black.

Discarding the White from the Black.

We Stir and Separate and prepare the White for the Black for the White on Black.
Black against Black.

Black Backed.

Black In The Background.

Cupped hands form a cleansing arc, a strigil, a brush brush over Black with White.

White over Black. Bleached, Alabaster, Marbled White, White Dust on Black. Immaculate. Lathered Milk layered on Black against White.

Do we remember who we are?


Carried. Pushed. Toppled. Cleansed.

White from Black. Black on White. Absolute Black. Revealed Clea and Beautiful Black.


Black on White and Black on Black on White.

Flicker, Zeotrope, Black. Then White then Black and White then Black to Black and White.

White from Black and Black from White and Back.

Back to Black and back again.

Back to Back.

Remembering, We Danced.

Warm Rain and Gathering.