Spill Writing



Where economy meets polity

Where society meets nature

Where production meets reproduction

Nancy Fraser



Activism is not taught in schools; it is a self and community-led education, on the brinks between different kinds of spaces and spheres of life and experience, different languages of civic engagement.


Politics has instrumentalised activism as a superfluous performance of necessity; it has waged a battle against activism as a mode of conversation, of delineating space – a way of creating fault lines in political rationalities, in establishing the demands made on what (and by who, and on whose terms).


Activism seeps its way into identity politics. A way of thinking about how to be together, or about how to navigate difference and heritage in a place you belong to, but are constantly made to feel otherwise.


I am thinking across the works encountered so far, that radicality is not reactionary, it is a meeting point – a destabilisation of terms. I am thinking


of Natalie Raven’s process of reinscription, a feminist reclaiming of religious iconography

of Vivian Chinasa Ezugha’s public performance on finding identity, of thinking through localities, in conversation with place

of Jade Montserrat’s exhaustive interrogation of the body in spectacle, and the body as spectacle

of Tom Cassani’s deconstruction of deception, and the power of assertion (in post-truth politics)

of Vijay Patel’s interrogation of belonging, of repetition, of the complexity of heritage and immigration and being between two places, situated somewhere in between

of Jack Marcus Elli’s meditation on theatricality and magic and identity at the edges


Of the shift from globalisation to multiculturalism, the fall of the Empire and the erasure of history, the sense of threat that radicalises the precarious.


Of performance and its quest of finding ways of being together in this complexity (through representation, through immersion, through conversation, through narrative, through meditation, through exchange, through confrontation, through invitation, through careful engagement with the local and beyond).