Spill Writing

Rhizome 2.0, returning


Today I saw:

  • A robotic girl and a tree
  • The confusion of a tree which feels more like grass
  • The dizziness of someone else’s vision
  • Intrusiveness of a day dream
  • A dystopian future
  • A library in your head
  • The bare footed comfort of a processed man-made material
  • The want to lie next to you
  • Somebody who I wondered if they were the future
  • A virtual pixie
  • An outstretched hand towards me which was never meant for me




Today I saw:

  • A person hiding behind a tree
  • Exactly what she saw
  • The dizziness of returning to reality
  • The uncertainty of a day dream
  • The light ahead of me which I wanted to walk towards
  • The comfort of my own thoughts
  • Why she is moving so slowly
  • How pixilated the delicate vine of a leaf could be
  • A tree growing diagonally
  • The shadow of a person left behind in nature
  • An artificial mouse nestled in the hay and leaves
  • The heaviness of the sight and understood the lolling of her head
  • A wishful thinker




Today I saw:

  • An entirely different environment
  • The re-adjustment of a new sanctuary
  • It for the first time as she did
  • What she has probably seen many times before
  • The safety of a wooden den
  • A miniature human
  • The sun attempting to break through