Spill Writing




In honour /the body

In remembrance /the body

In transgression /the body

In pain/the body

In illness/the body

In age/the body

In submission/the body

In dominance/the body

In assembly/the body

In rogues/the body

In asylum/the body

In time/the body

In sex/the body

In art as practice/the body




With urgency/the body

With pain/the body

With memory/the body

With humour/the body

With sickness/the body

With grief/the body

With death/the body

With fighting/the body

With obeying/the body

With excitement/the body

With transformation/the body

With willing/the body




On power/the body

On endurance/the body

On motherhood/the body

On identity/the body

On widowhood/the body

On excess/the body

On the altar/the body

On dominance/the body

On morality/the body

On aesthetics/the body

On endurance/the body

On the inside/the body

On archives/the body




For audience/the body

For identity/the body

For being/the body

For pleasure/the body

For loss/the body

For Bob/the body

For history/the body

For autonomy/the body

For us/the body.


Keep breathing.