97 Years

Jo Hellier (UK)

Sun 07 Apr 2013

Toynbee Studios

Photo by Jo Hellier

What if we could untangle a confused mind?

In a performed installation, one performer delicately re-speaks through a series of conversations between her and her grandfather celebrating and mapping his ageing process. Around her a confused world is built. Live audio and video manipulation creates a complex, beautifully composed environment born out of simple conversation.

The link between the performer and grandfather is fragile; it can be distorted, paused or rewound. Things can be lost between here and there. What can be heard and what is missed? This is a tender, delicate investigation of mental health that invites an engaged audience to decipher a confused mind together with the performer.

Jo Hellier is a Bristol based artist who works with performance, video and audio to create immersive environments that she and the audience can engage with. Her work takes a surreal stance to examine humanity and the everyday and explores what can be demonstrated about humanity through the lens of surrealism. She has presented work in the UK, Europe and Mexico.