Charm for Rebirth

Sheaf and Barley (US)

Sun 30 Oct 2016

High Street Exhibitional Gallery

Photo by Ralph Pritchard. The Thing

“Slack yer horse,” thay cryed,
“Come slack it fer a’while,
Fer I think I see my sweetheart comen
Over yander style.”

“Didja bring gold?
Didja bring silver t’set me free?
Fer t’keep my body from thae cold gaol-wall
And me neck from thae high gallows tree.”

“I’ve brought gold,
I’ve brought silver t’set ya free,
Fer I’ve not come for t’see you hang,
Hang upon the high gallows-tree.”

The prickle-holly bush, it pricks, it pricks,
It pricks my heart full sore
And if ever I get out thae prickle-holly bush
I’ll never get in thar any more.

Sheaf+Barley are cunning folk, which means they go around performing charms, making things, drawing symbols and reading signs for people who need it. They think belief is a radical act, and that to disrupt hegemony we must be in a constant state of uprising. Everybody can be cunning folk.

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