XNTHONY (Ireland)

Fri 31 Oct 2014


Photo by Conor Clinch

‘Self-indugent* shambles’ XNTHONY is making a comeback, and this time he’s gunning for Eurovision glory .

Equipped with as many fizzy pop songs as he can muster, XNTHONY is on a mission to bring the Eurovision back to the people.

Taking the best and worst of pop and politics in Europe today, DOUZE  will educate as much as it will entertain.

Which song will get your vote?

XNTHONY is the glam pop star wannabe of this generation. He challenges the meaning of pop and public persona, blurring the line between performance making and visual art with brash extroversion and heartfelt intimacy. XNTHONY aims to represent Ireland (or the UK, he’s not picky) in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

*Typo – courtesy of The Irish Times

A very special thanks to

Tiffany Murphy and Hannah Fisher, the little starlets and my co-creators.
Scott Bowley, Rose Dagul, TJ, Dana and Dana International for musical accompaniment.
Emma Berentsen for her dramaturgical assistance.
And Okke, my partner in crime

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