Stephanie Elaine Black (UK/UAE)

Sat 01 Nov 2014

Photo by Thomas McCulloch

Dowry is an immersive one-to-one installation and interactive performance by Stephanie Elaine Black.

Using image and action-based performance, the work allows audience members to witness the ‘handing over’ of the daughter on her wedding day and its devastating effects. The work is personal and political, pushing the audience to take part in the rituals of the marriage ceremony, questioning customs, traditions and female identity.

Dowry is a durational performance, split into a series of one-to-ones and culminating in a final performance for a wider audience.

Stephanie Elaine Black makes socially engaged and political live art using her body as the subject of her work. A common strand in her work looks at her identity and perspective as a white, Western female raised in the Middle East. Black is a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and winner of the Athena Award from The National Review of Live Art.

Special thanks to Laura Sweeney, Glasgow-based jeweller, who helped bring Dowry to realisation.

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