Kris Canavan (UK)

Sat 01 Nov 2014

Starts at Ipswich Art School Gallery

Photo by Nicola Canavan

I walk, I crawl.
From you, to you; a journey…
I sweep, I DREDGE.
I make an offering, to you, for you.
A sacrifice for new beginnings.
Walk with me.
Be present and bear witness.
A moment to view the streets from an alternate perspective.
Leave ‘it’ all behind and start again .

Kris Canavan is first and foremost a body based artist, who sees the use of his body as political ownership, a rejection of the status quo and subservience that is expected of us, by the state. Over the past 9 years, since graduating from UWE Bristol, alongside his solo practice, Kris Canavan has made collaborative works with Manuel Vason, Nicola Canavan, Nick Kilby, Llewyen Máire & TRANS/HUMAN amongst others.

Kris Canavan is an amino Associate Artist.

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