Earth Work

Giovanna Maria Casetta (UK)

Sat 27 Oct 2018

Ipswich Art Gallery

11:00-19:00 // Durational // Part of £10 Ipswich Art Gallery Pass

Photo by Pacitti Company

Earth Work is an exploration of the private rituals that the artist has devised to see her through the dark times.

Connecting the disconnect, attempting to stay grounded in a world which appears timeless, distant, surreal, fleeting and overwhelming. The ritual involves working with earth, three actions that portray an urgency to be connected and reconnected in order to keep the psyche and corporeal whole. The ritual is repeated over and over again until the point of exhaustion. Then and only then can a feeling of peace and calm can be restored.

Earth Work was originally conceived and performed for camera working as a guest artist with Pacitti Company on the film installation Moving Mountains 2015.

Giovanna Maria Casetta is an Ipswich based artist and educator whose practice spans twenty years working in performance, 8mm film and installation. A constant theme running through her practice is the tension between the surface and what lies beneath. The fragility of the physical and psychological self and how our identity is compromised through societies unrealistic expectations of what we should be.