Mamoru Iriguchi (UK)

Fri 26 Oct 2018

SPILL Central

12:00 + 15:00 (BSL performance) // 60 minutes // £5, part of SPILL Passes.

Photo by Manuel Vason

What if your food started talking back?

Meet Lionel the lion. He’s just eaten a human called Mamoru for lunch. But Lionel hasn’t chewed his food well. So Mamoru’s alive and well in his stomach, and now wants to say hello. A strange friendship between the eater and the eaten starts to grow. Meanwhile, Lionel’s breakfast wants to say hello … from his bottom! Eaten invites children to the fascinating world of food chains and digestion.

Mamoru is an award‑winning Edinburgh‑based performance maker and theatre designer with a background in zoology. His performance work includes SEXXES
(The Marlborough Theatre commission), Eaten (nominated for CATS awards), and 4D Cinema (Autopsy Award/Chelsea

Supported by Creative Scotland, Imaginate, Dance Base, Lyra, The Place, Southbank Centre.

Visit Mamoru Iriguchi’s website