Empress Stah in Space

Empress Stah (UK)

Wed 10 Apr 2013, Fri 12 Apr 2013, Sat 13 Apr 2013, Fri 11 Apr 2014

Soho Theatre

Photo by Manuel Vason / Chris Waters

Empress Stah in Space is part of an ongoing project with a long-term ambition; to create a performance in outer space. As part of this, Empress Stah has floated in ‘Zero Gravity’ and made a film as ‘The Stah Ship Trooper’ in the red light district of Amsterdam.

Set on the plane of immanence, the show’s concepts have been transcribed through trance and writing sessions between Empress Stah and seminal artist Ron Athey, which took place at Bentwaters in Suffolk, the site of the biggest purported UFO/Military incident in Europe.

Eleven interconnected actions are bought to life using 3D animation and video mapping technologies, and include original tracks by electro clash super star, Peaches, and spoken word by legendary punk poet, Lydia Lunch.

Hailing from the underground cabaret circuit, Empress Stah delivers genre-defying performances that fuse sublime aerial artistry and thought provoking acts. Ron Athey is an internationally renowned performance and body artist from Los Angeles.


Performed by Empress Stah
Directed by Ron Athey
Original Track by Peaches
Spoken Word by Lydia Lunch
Performance Development with Marisa Carnesky
Face Corset Designer Patrick Ian Hartley
Sound Track by Jose Macabre
Video and Animations by VJ Nemo
Video by Shaun Prick Image
Costume by Claire Ashley
Production Management by Al Orange
Stage Management by Tsubi Du


Supported by:

Arts Council England
Queen Mary University
The Circus Space
Carnesky Productions
TG Productions
Supper Club London