English Heretic

English Heretic (UK)

Sun 28 Oct 2018

SPILL Central

22:30 // 60 mins // £10. £15 double bill with Eve Libertine, Charles Webber + Penny Rimbaud. Also part of SPILL Passes

English Heretic will present the first live performance of their highly influential album “Temple Of Remembrance”.

First released in 2005, this release paved the way for a resurgence of interest in Folk Horror. A paranoid parallax view of the tragic demise of Suffolk film director Michael Reeves, following his making of Witchfinder General, “Temple of Remembrance” uses field recordings from the imagined gibbets of Kersey to the crematorium at Ipswich in which Reeves’ ashes were scattered. Part documentary, part seance the live presentation takes place at the exact location of a real life witch burning in the town square. A final exhumation of English Heretic’s first magickal excursion into dangerous archetypal realities.

English Heretic is a multimedia project, in operation since 2003. Musically diverse, drawing inspiration from psychedelic folk, ritual, ethnographic recordings, electronica, TV documentaries, field recordings and other mashup genres, English Heretic’s sound moves from the sinister to the absurd.

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