Entertainment Island

Oblivia (Finland)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

New Wolsey Theatre

Photo by Eija Mäkivuoti

Entertainment Island drills through the vast world of entertainment and popular culture, from the shiny surface to the murky and private regions underneath.

Using minimal lights and sound and no set, three exceptional performers have just themselves to rely on. This is physical theatre of the very highest order, by turns laugh out loud funny, profound and urgent. This show is quite simply unmissable.

Founded in 2000 in Helsinki, international performance company Oblivia is a unique force on the Finnish performance scene. Working from grand ideas to minimalist performances, Oblivia merge the boundaries of genres and nationalities. The background of Oblivia’s members from Finland and UK are in music, dance and theory. This mixture creates a vibrant tension and humour in the work. Performed in English.

  • Presented by SPILL Festival of Performance, in partnership with the New Wolsey Theatre. Sponsored by The Finnish Institute in London.
  • Performed and devised by: Timo Fredriksson,
  • Anna Krzystek, Annika Tudeer
  • Lights: Meri Ekola Sound: Juuso Voltti
  • Producer: Marina Andersson-Rahikka

Synopsis and context of the work available in audio and braille

Visit Oblivia’s Website