Debbie Guinnane (Ireland)

Thu 30 Oct 2014

Police Station

Photo by Joseph Carr

The word “gastropod” is derived from the Ancient Greek words γαστήρ (gastér, stem: gastr-) “stomach”, and πούς (poús, stem: pod-) “foot”, hence stomach-foot.

In GastroPODa the artist seeks to activate a sense of bodily awareness through forms of worship, exercise, and defacement, by exposing and performing certain dominant personal compulsions that in the past have disrupted her perception of herself, for example; discipline and punishment; binge and purge; control and chaos. The word ‘POD’ may also reference Place of Death’, denoting the actions, within each marked situation during the performance, as a potential place for death. Death can occur in the subtle moments of the encounter between the planned and improvised actions, through the ephemeral nature of performing live art.

Debbie Guinnane is an Irish visual artist whose practice is focused on performance, improvisatory action, writing, and physical exercise. As a PhD candidate, she has recently been awarded a Research Studentship to undertake a programme of research on Improvisatory Action in Performance Art at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Guinnane is member and co-founder of performance group pre form, founded in 2012 to practice live, improvised, collaborative performance art.

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