Going Without

Ciara Mckeon (Ireland)

Fri 31 Oct 2014, Sat 01 Nov 2014

Police Station

Photo by Stuart Calvin

Going without what is lost is having to hold onto surrogate sensations and sounds.

Gripping a sound for as long as it can be expressed, until there’s no more air left in her lungs to pronounce it. Going within her empty chest cavity, hollow versions of what should be are uttered urgently .

She sits with twelve red bricks and something that is no longer there. The potential for intimacy rubs up against the distance and absence. She will share her personal experience of loss live. She will be watched: her gestures, her manner, her mouth – will she be heard?

Ciara McKeon is a Dublin based artist and curator whose practice focuses on live performance art. She has performed nationally across Ireland and is a member of pre form and Bbeyond, Belfast. Improvisation and collaboration are integral to her practice and research. Recent works have looked in particular at embodied shame, loss and intimacy. She also co-curates Unit1, an independent  artistrun platform which supports the development of performance art in Ireland through exhibition of new work, symposia and archival projects.