Ania Varez (Venezuela)

Wed 31 Oct 2018, Thu 01 Nov 2018, Fri 02 Nov 2018

Think Tank

18:00 // 60 mins // FREE

Photo by Cheng Chen-Tao

Guayabo is a grief party.

Guayabo, which is the Venezuelan slang for “heartbreak”, invites people to gather with kindness and joy around their pain and the pain of others, challenging our ways of acting and caring for one another through geographical distance or cultural differences, as a medium of survival, transformation and belonging.

Guayabo is a grief party: a meeting point to recognise together the reality of migration and its hardship, the perseverance and richness of our common losses, as well as our presence in each other’s journeys to grieve and create within the reality we share.

Upon arriving at Guayabo, audiences will be asked to provide their phone number in order to participate in the event.

This work contains graphic descriptions of violence.

Ania Varez is a Venezuelan artist based in Bristol, UK. Her practice is blended with her own experience of migration, which she shares for people to access the notions of belonging and othering inside their own lives. She aims to facilitate spaces for people to exercise care, choice and attention, collectively creating new ways of being together and being here.

This work is supported by Trinity Community Arts through the IGNiTE Residency Programme.

Part of the SPILL OPEN, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation

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