Imagined Touch

Jodee Mundy Collaborations (Australia)

Wed 31 Oct 2018, Thu 01 Nov 2018, Fri 02 Nov 2018, Sat 03 Nov 2018

Jerwood DanceHouse

WED-FRI 14:00-16:00 + 18:00-20:00, SAT 12:00-16:00 // Timed entry every 30 mins // £5, part of SPILL Passes

Photo by Pippa Dodds


Imagined Touch is a sensorium created in collaboration with Deafblind artists Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens.

Exploring their profound experience of living in a world without sight or sound, this is an immersive installation where you will experience tactile communication.

Greeted by tactile sign guides, you will be given headphones and goggles and guided into a large unseen space. With 360‑degree projection, expect to lose your depth of field, feel textures underfoot and meet faceless silhouettes. You will experience the visceral; receiving tactile sign, social haptic communication and touch choreography which is the language and culture of Deafblind people.

Following the premiere at SPILL, Imagined Touch will show at Barbican’s Pit Theatre, Wed 7 – Sun 11 November.

Jodee Mundy Collaborations is an independent creative producing company formed in 2012, in response to the multiple collaborations and partnerships established and continuing to develop with artists, diverse communities, organisations and funders. The company is committed to producing high quality theatre works, public events, installations and artistic interventions, bringing together diverse cross sections of the community who may not regularly encounter one another. The company’s artistic aim is for audiences to witness works that challenge and inspire them to acknowledge the value of live performance and communities, and the ability of art to redefine and skew the notions of inclusiveness.

Production supported by the Australian Government through the Ministry of the Arts – Catalyst, Creative Victoria, Besen Foundation, Able Australia, Arts Access Victoria + Auspicious Arts.