In The Name of the Voice

United Bible Studies (UK)

Thu 25 Oct 2018

La Tour Cycle Café

20:00 // FREE // 60 mins

Photo by Iain Grey

A song-cycle for Albion.

With psychogeographic reference and folkloric tradition United Bible Studies will invoke the power of the voice. Blissed‑out freak folk, twilit chamber pieces, frostbitten song and psychedelic noise.

The performance’s specially Suffolk‑tinged subjects include; the earthen haunt
of M.R. James, temperance song via Fred Whiting, John Wilbye’s madrigals, and
the spectral visitations of the Icklingham highwayman. Through a performance of
song, spoken word, chant and improvisation, the band transcends these mortal bonds.

For more than 15 years United Bible Studies’ folk‑rooted sound has spanned spectral trad, krautrock‑influenced improv and cosmic drones in a restless quest from atmospheric innerspace deep‑dives to shamanic explorations of the outer wyrd. The current performing roster includes Alison O’Donnell from legendary 1970s
Dublin psych‑folk group Mellow Candle, Dom Cooper ex Owl Service, and Irish underground mainstay David Colohan of Raising Holy Sparks.