Amy Kingsmill (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014

Police Station

Photo by Amy Kingsmill

Amy Kingsmill’s performance Journey presents the act of traversing space as a shamanic rite, using pain to fuel her arduous journey.

Discomfort and beauty unite in this startling performance which interweaves fetishism, ritual and feminist discourse.


“The motionless stance conjures the sense that “this is art”, the onlooker’s gaze drawn towards the mesmerising gravitas of the still figure… Using objects for new purposes and juxtaposing specific components all help to dictate the end result.”
Mark Milligan, 1Granary


Amy Kingsmill is an emerging artist working mainly within performance, recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. 
She often works with the intuitive, the ritualistic and the fetish. Working in two streams of practice: pain-based performance and strongly visual works presenting costume as an installation on the body, using minimalistic endurance performance and willed objectification to create surreal jarring interventions.

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