Kernschmelze II

Eve Libertine + Charles Webber + Penny Rimbaud (UK)

Sun 28 Oct 2018

SPILL Central

20:30 // 60 mins // £10, £15 double bill with English Heretic. Also part of SPILL Passes

This concert, developed by two members of Crass, is the live manifestation of an ongoing series of performances and recordings.

Initiated by Rimbaud, the series pits performers against a visceral composition created and recorded by himself employing only his voice as a sound source. This has led to two collaborations with Webber. The second of these, Kernschmelze II, released to critical acclaim on Cold Spring Records, sees Libertine immersed in a maelstrom of processing, electronics and percussion.

This performance represents a structured improvisation based on this recording.

Eve Libertine, former vocalist with Crass, subsequently works across improvisation and contemporary vocal practice. “The voice comes straight from the core, that’s why I love it as my instrument.”

Charles Webber, an electronic artist, works across the disciplines of electronic music and experimental film.

Penny Rimbaud is a poet, philosopher, painter, musician and bread maker. He makes particularly good sour‑dough loaves.