Kopf Kino

ON/OFF (Germany)

Thu 25 Oct 2018, Fri 26 Oct 2018, Sat 27 Oct 2018

Various locations across the festival

19:00-21:00 // FREE

Photo by ON/OFF

Deployed in public space, the Kopf Kino captures and projects actions at street level onto surrounding façades and buildings in the area, turning unexpecting passers‑by into performers.

The device amplifies their gestures and expressions empowering people to play and test their everyday environments and routines. The first prototype was constructed with limited resources, improvising with a used shopping trolley as the main body, borrowed car batteries, projector and laptop, fixed in place with cable ties, and recycled timber.

ON/OFF is made up of architects and designers based in Berlin. Since 2012 they have been exploring different fields, including media art, scenographic design, experimental housing, play and furniture design. As a network they draw on a range of different skills, working collaboratively to initiate new experiments with mobile structures, film and projection, public workshops and writing. They set out to challenge established modes of practice and to engage with people’s experience of the city through projects in public space.

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