Last Supper

anti-cool (Japan/UK)

Fri 31 Oct 2014, Sat 01 Nov 2014

Photo by Graham Gaunt

Last Supper is a durational and interactive performance in which the artist wears a robotic costume made of recycled parts, including, computers, printers, an electric knife, a ladle and spoon.

“The Feeding Robot” is made by anti-cool using applied robotics technology, allowing it to become interactive and controlled by the audience. The audience is invited to select different local foods, and place them in the ‘feeding robot’. The robot forcibly brings the food to the artist’s mouth. She must keep eating as long as the food is served.

anti-cool is a cross-disciplinary artist from Japan. Her presentations in the UK include Battersea Arts Centre, National Review of Live Art and Chapter Arts Centre. Her aim is to overcome boundaries or rules and find solutions in order to break through people’s self-imposed limits.

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