Martin O'Brien (UK)

Thu 11 Apr 2013

Toynbee Studios

Photo by Marco Beradi

Cronus was the ancient Greek god of time. The term chronic, as in chronic illness, is derived from his name. Cronus is particularly associated with time that is deemed destructive. Last(ing) considers the nature of human existence, particularly within chronic illness, and the destruction that happens to the body over time. Moving away from his usual durational format Martin O’Brien explores time as destructive and the possibilities and ethos of survival within this destruction.

Martin O’Brien’s practice focuses on physical endurance and hardship in relation to the fact he suffers from cystic fibrosis. He has presented work in Britain and abroad including Chelsea Theatre, In Between Time, Chapter Arts Centre, Grace Exhibition Space (New York), Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana), Gallery Art Claims Impulse (Berlin) and with the Live Art Development Agency. He was artist in residence at ]performance s p a c e[ in 2012.