Meridian Rhubarb

/gorizazmarkaz/ (Iran)

Thu 30 Oct 2014, Fri 31 Oct 2014

Police Station

Photo by Mani Fatehi Irani

Meridian Rhubarb is a site-specific experiment with text, sound and visuals creating a multi-layered space where randomness and order are equally weighted. A new chapter is added to the piece every time it is performed: each chapter of the performance is the artists’ response to the history and characteristics of the site of the performance.

The new chapter is: SPILL.

The performance elements do not follow each other for a particular effect; instead, they await fractions of time when an intangible, illusory or tactile quality is superimposed on the experience, creating an imaginative multi-sensory space. A space where the personal experiences of the artists intersect with the history of the site of the performance.

/gorizazmarkaz/ is Pouya Ehsaei and Tara Fatehi Irani. The two started working together in 2010 when Pouya was 6ft 2’ and Tara’s eyes were blue. The two were actively working in the underground performance scene, galleries and theatres of Iran as both musicians and live artists. They work with everyday-life events, found objects, memory, documents and socio-political experiences to create self-scrutinising autobiographical works with elements of black humour.

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