Naked Boys Reading: On Surrender

Naked Boys Reading (UK)

Fri 31 Oct 2014

Police Station

Photo by Christa Holka

Naked boys reading: on surrender sees our boys questioning what it means to give of oneself for the favor of another.

When we kneel to, offer up, or lay prostrate for the powers of another what do we become? If the study of sexuality has taught us anything it’s that surrender isn’t about powerlessness; and it’s certainly erotic. If our ongoing world wars have taught us anything, surrender is a traumatic politicisation of the body. The boys will bow down to literary greats on topics ranging from war to love, pleasure and pain, theory and performance. Relinquish yourself of your duties for the night and abandon yourself to our special literary salon.

Naked Boys Reading is the perfect intimate bi-montly live event: a literary salon featuring in-the-buff readings by local beefcakes, bears, twinks, otters, butch femmes, sissy sluts, boys next door with an exhibitionist streak and lovers of naturism with a well-endowed library.

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