Bare Bones (UK)

Thu 25 Oct 2018

SPILL Central

22:30 // £5, part of SPILL Passes // 60 mins

Photo by Bare Bones

Through long‑form composition and improvisation, Bare Bones will explore the concept of ritual.

A hybrid take on folklore; Ghédalia Tazartès ‘impromuz’, the medieval practice of ‘Souling’, the Hindu idea of ‘moskha’. They will create a hierophany of the moment. Emphasising Kahlil Gibran’s ‘zeal is a volcano’.

A post‑modern jumble. Just as ancient ideas met science fiction in the Dogon text of ‘The Pale Fox’ by M. Griaule and G. Dieterlen, Bare Bones take collective memory and filter it through their own lens.

Bare Bones are an experimental drone duo that embrace the physicality of sound. Using improvisatory techniques, ethnographic field recordings, and the sonic spaces of Dub, they create ritualistic, nuanced soundscapes. Effectively pulling the listener into a netherworld of stretched time.

Through the use of repetition and loops they explore hypnagogic states. Primitive percussion, bowed instruments and the human voice lay against analogue tape machines and electronics.

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