On Akka’s Shore

Umama Hamido (Lebanon/UK)

Wed 31 Oct 2018, Thu 01 Nov 2018

Ipswich Film Theatre

19:30 // 45 mins // £10, part of SPILL Passes

On Akka's Shore Film Still

‘Yesterday I dreamt I was flying over the streets of Beirut. I was my camera, my body and my eye and all of me was one with the lens … Do you think places get stuck in time when we leave them?’

On Akka’s Shore is a cinematic performance, featuring Tareq Al Jazzar, combining film, text, and sound. The piece is concerned with the chaos of memory in relation to personal and collective history and explores themes of dislocation and remembrance.

Living on the border between many places and nowhere, Umama Hamido is a Lebanese artist who is currently in the UK. Through montages of performance, film, sound, and text she addresses experiences of loss, yearning, and remembrance. Her work unearths the ever‑present human threads of resistance within seemingly insurmountable structures of power.

Dramaturgy by Graeme Miller and Nikki Tomlinson

The making of On Akka’s Shore is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation through a Jerwood Visual Arts Bursary

Supported by the Artsadmin Artists’ Bursary Scheme 2018-19

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