Plough Your Own Furrow

Robert Hardaker (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014

Police Station

Photo by Heather Forknell

The artist forms a seemingly insurmountable mass of grass, petroleum jelly and cloth around himself. This rudimentary costume becomes a burden due to its size and weight.

The costume falls apart as the artist moves around the room and will constantly need to be reformed. The audience is not static, they can choose to experience the piece however they wish, or not at all – their potential rationalisation of a prolonged, apparently futile act directs their thoughts to that of sympathy for the artist, yet he remains dogged in his pursuit of gathering a costume made of memory. This persistent action is full of apparent contradictions; a repeated futile act, which is performed with purpose.

Robert Hardaker is a Leicester-based performance artist who specialises in ritualised action. Since the completion of his Fine Art degree in 2012, Hardaker has showcased his work at several national exhibitions and performance platforms. He is a current studio holder at Two Queens, Leicester and is developing new collaborative and solo work.

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