Poly P.P.E.

Crystal Mette + The Fictions (NETHERLANDS/UK)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

Town Hall

Photo by Joep Deumes

A live art show using costumes, spoken words and live electronic music to make the human condition consumable and perform a ritual to cure the sick.

The growing problem of the very infectious case of mint green is the result of the individualised society we live in, dictated by the glorification of the self, forsaking the other and the notion of us.

Poly P.P.E shows the cycle of procedures to cure a serious case of mint green. The Procedure of Specimen Subject 2009 is divided into three stages: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The temperature is cold, distant and isolated; mint green.

Crystal Mette & The Fictions is an international ever changing collective consisting of visual artists, theatre makers, and designers and musicians led by Mette Sterre. They create cross cultural work through a collaborative process of trial and error and association, reflecting on current issues in society and the results on the human condition.

  • Thanks to: Fonds21 Rotterdam Fund for the Arts Research & Development Fund

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