Public Selfcare System

Rhiannon Armstrong (UK/Canada)

Sat 29 Oct 2016

La Tour Cycle Café

Photo by Roisin Armstrong

Public Selfcare System is a one-toone performance, a tandem jump into the unknown, direct action, and a masterclass in the radical act of stopping.

I am an expert in resting in public thanks to a neurological condition that sometimes forces me to lie down wherever I happen to be.

Come with me to a place you may have seen, walked past, but never been to. We are going to lie down and have a rest: I will look after you. You have a right to be here, you have a right to do this. We can do it together.

Rhiannon Armstrong is an interdisciplinary artist making interactive work with empathy at its core, under the lifelong series title Instructions for Empathetic Living. Her work is guided by an activist impulse and conversation and collaboration are central to her practice: between makers of different disciplines, public contributors, and audiences.

  • Supported by Arts Council England

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