Pyre Parade

The Rough Band (UK)

Thu 25 Oct 2018, Sat 03 Nov 2018

La Tour Cycle Café

Parade starts 17:00 // Burning at 18:00 // FREE

Photo by Jose Luis Salinas/Shutterstock

Burn your woes and clear space for winter.

On the opening night of SPILL Festival, a Pyre Parade effigy will be revealed at Ipswich Waterfront before being placed in La Tour Cycle Café. For 10 days you will be able to take a private moment and write down bad news, before posting it inside the effigy. Bad debts, health worries, a sour relationship, or colouring in where you went over the edges – whatever the badness, feed the beast.

Then join us as we gather at 17:00 on Saturday 3 November, to march the effigy noisily from Ipswich Waterfront to Christchurch Park (Fonnereau Road entrance), accompanied by mystical performers and a marching band, before we engulf the effigy in flames.

Burning up the night sky and opening space for a better future.

Local lads Mark Offord and Robert Pacitti have started The Rough Band, but anyone can be a member. Simply turn up with something loud to bang, such as wooden spoons on saucepan lids, and be prepared to hush as we move respectfully through Silent Street.