Ria Hartley (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014, Fri 31 Oct 2014

Photo by Ria Hartley

What would you do if you could return to a memory and change it? Would it affect your future? Could you rewrite a part of your own history?

In the field of neurology, scientists have identified that the human mind inserts information from the present into past memories. When recalled the memories become reinterpreted to adapt in an ever changing environment re-framing moments of a person’s life. Unlike a film which relays a recorded event as it was captured, the human memory edits information to present a story which fits into a person’s present reality. Recall is a one-to-one live mediated performance which invites you to create a new memory and re-write a moment in your personal history based on your own desires and imaginations.

Ria Hartley is an interdisciplinary solo performance artist and researcher based in Bristol, UK. Her work pays close attention to memory, identity, human relationships, and shared narratives and often invites participation and exchange between herself and audiences, seeking to open new spaces of thought and exchange. Her current research is auto-ethnographical and investigates the retracing of diasporic identity.

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