Francesca Steele (UK)

Fri 26 Oct 2018, Sat 27 Oct 2018, Sun 28 Oct 2018, Tue 30 Oct 2018, Wed 31 Oct 2018, Thu 01 Nov 2018, Fri 02 Nov 2018, Sat 03 Nov 2018, Sun 04 Nov 2018

Ipswich Art Gallery

11:00-17:00 // Durational // Part of £10 IAG Pass

Photo by Simon Keith

Between 2008 – 2012 Francesca engaged in a deeply manipulative and transformative process of bodybuilding as her daily performance practice. During this her body became a document of work; she became the material.

Recount marks a re‑authoring, a point of separation, part of a process of undoing. Using footage filmed by documentary‑maker Mark Kidel, Recount draws a digital cutup retelling, and asks for an ‘active’ viewer to engage. Stress, silences and cigarettes create new conversations whilst commenting on the past.

Francesca Steele’s live art practice has recently become focused on writing; using autobiographical mining and experimental writing techniques she creates work that sits between fact and fiction, storytelling, knowing and unknowing. Having exhibited in the UK and internationally, her work also features on internet sites like ‘girls with muscle’ and persists outside the traditional white box space.

Initial project funding by Arts Council England

Part of the SPILL OPEN, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation