Rubble Trauma >> The Concrete Stare of a Bitumen Beast


Sat 01 Nov 2014

Police Station

Photo by Hannah Anderson

Phrases are broken down and chanted, pointing to an obsessional affiliation with sportswear (“My Adidas!, My Air Jordanz!”). Adidas becomes the remixed god ‘Zi-Dada’ and Robert Moses – architect of the Cross Bronx Expressway (providing the dystopian backdrop of 1970’s South Bronx) – becomes the god ‘Mozizizm’.

The Cult perform express-praying, and break-spraying- devotional body movements combined with tagging on kitchen lino (ideal for head-spinning). Discarded trainers are cut up (soles removed) and used as talismans, futuristic shinguards and bulky sports padding are reconfigured into postapocalyptic cult armour – reverberations of the exoskeletal suits of the RAMM:ƩLL:ZƩƩ.

In 2013, the Cult exhibited at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Art Gallery Walsall and completed a residency at Hack The Barbican. In 2014 new members were initiated at an abandoned Berlin spy-station, an Edinburgh observatory, and the Gasworks in London.