Schrei 27

Various Artists

Fri 22 Apr 2011, Sat 23 Apr 2011

Silk Street Theatre, Barbican

Robert Knoke

The viewer witnesses several short performances over the space of twenty-seven minutes alternating extreme high-energy vocal work with absolute silence. These performances reflect the state of a patient subjected to torture through chemical or mechanical manipulation of the brain, kept in a confined space with periodically or randomly triggered bright light, heat, beatings or electric shocks. There is a high density of speech-sound over time which is often machine-like in its velocity. The work employs the atypical speech and vocal signal processing that Galás has been researching since 1979. In 2005 Diamanda Galás asked  Italian filmmaker Davide Pepe to create the visual analogue to Schrei 27. This is Galás’ first collaboration with a filmmaker in a major project.

SPILL is proud to present this important film installation, originally commissioned by New American Radio, and created with co-commissioning funds from the Walker Arts Center, where the radio version was recorded.

Promo video for SCHREI 27 by Davide Pepe

Artists Profile

Hailed as one of the most important singers of our time, Diamanda Galás has earned international acclaim for her highly original and politically charged performance works as well as her memorable rendition of jazz and blues. She is one of the most original artists musical culture has produced in the last thirty years.

Davide Pepe lives and works in Bologna, where he has created short films, musical promos, video art and video dance works since 1995.

Performance time: Time slots from 13:00
Running time: 27mins

A film by Davide Pepe and Diamanda Galás
Based on Diamanda Galás’ radio work, Schrei 27

Filmed by Davide Pepe
Composition, vocal and film performance, and original painted images by Diamanda Galás
Sound engineering, recording, and mix by Blaise Dupuy
Actor Salvatore Bevilacqua & Diamanda Galás

Original photo for poster image and special photography for film by Robert Knoke

Producer: Intravenal Sound Operations and Davide Pepe

World premiere


An informal discussion between Diamanda Galás and Robert Pacitti will take place on 21 April, 18.30pm in the Hammerson Room (free event). This will be a freewheeling conversation embracing art, activism and politics on the eve of the premiere of Schrei 27.

Photo credit: Robert Knoke