Shared Frameworks

Pacitti Company (UK)

Sat 27 Oct 2018, Tue 30 Oct 2018, Wed 31 Oct 2018, Thu 01 Nov 2018, Sat 03 Nov 2018

Ipswich Art Gallery

11:00-17:00 // Part of £10 Ipswich Art Gallery Pass

Photo by Susan Elaine Jones

Talking about dying can be difficult, especially if the subject of that conversation is our own mortality or that of our loved ones.

Shared Frameworks is a life‑sized photograph of a human skeleton, turned into a large scale public jigsaw puzzle. It has been designed to offer space for contemplation and relaxed exchanges around our end‑of‑life choices and care.

Shared Frameworks is the first public work coming from The Art + Science of Living + Dying, a Pacitti Company rolling research strand exploring living, dying, language, place and memory. It is made by visual artist and curator Robert Pacitti and landscape historian and Think Tank Associate Lucy Walker, with skeleton photography by Susan Elaine Jones.

Part of The Art + Science of Living + Dying, a Pacitti Company Think Tank strand investigating death and dying.
Supported by St. Elizabeth Hospice.