SPILL Party Sound and Visuals

Lee Adams (UK)
Chadd Curry (US)
As Described (UK)

Sat 01 Nov 2014

Police Station

Photo by Russell MacEwan

LEE ADAMS is an artist, curator and DJ. He runs the infamous KAOS club in London. Over the past decade he has staged underground parties all over London, from the faded opulence of Madame JoJo’s to the Dickensian squalor of a subterranean pissoir (Public Life, Spitalfields), via the neo-gothic splendour of the 291 Gallery and the eccentric grunge of The Speaker  alace to the crepuscular tranny underworld of Stunners. He has also co-curated the various incarnations of Visions of Excess with Ron Athey for SPILL, Fierce Festival and Warehouse 9 Copenhagen.

From the runway to alley ways, through the dark and light, smoke and flames … CHADD CURRY AKA DAHC DERMUR VIII has risen above and is a force and talent to be recognised … the New York icon has gone global and taken the UK by storm, leaving London smitten begging for more … He is a walking piece of art where flesh melts into canvas, painting a scene like no other…dahc operates on mystery and contradiction shattering stereo types, and promotion of unity and individualism through an extreme medium and visual media.

Visual Artists AS DESCRIBED (Adam Seaman & Jim Horsfield) have been given exclusive access to SPILL Festival’s video archive. Along with newly captured footage filmed across this years events, they will be performing a reinterpretation and live remix of the festival, past and present.

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