Yael Claire Shahmoon (UK/Israel)

Fri 31 Oct 2014

Police Station

Photo by D.Miller

Performer Yael Claire is determined to celebrate extremes of the human spirit: or – a voice that we hide – a second spirit – a spirit – two.

She creates a unique story-telling performance mixing live music , a theatrical persona and vocal charisma.

Presenting an intense, engaging, emotional journey inwards, Yael Claire steers up raw and sparkly images of our darkest and softest sides – an exclusive blend of humour and fright that will make your heart and feet jump.

Yael Claire celebrates the many extremes of the human spirit. She has performed at Battersea Arts Centre, Fashion Week, and Hackney Wicked. Claire’s work is split into three parts: solo art performances, experimental and traditional Middle Eastern music and with her rock band ‘SPIRITWO’.

Performance, Lyrics, Music & Animations: Yael Claire Shahmoon / CGI Animations: Shiri Blumenthal / Music track Production: Raz Olsher / Interactive media and technology: Federico Nitti / Live Sound Engineering: Amir Shoat.

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