Grace Schwindt (Germany)

Sun 07 Apr 2013

Toynbee Studios

Photo by Grace Schwindt

In Tenant, the family home becomes the stage to re-enact a scripted dialogue that takes as a starting point a story about Mrs Schumacher who was the lodger of the artist’s grandfather in Berlin during the Second World War. She was a communist and helped Vladimir Lenin travel from Switzerland to Russia in 1917 after the February Revolution broke out. The relationship between language and physical movements explores roles that these two elements play in the creation of knowledge and social relations.

Grace Schwindt is a German artist based in London, working with live performance and film. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2009 in London and participated in the Associate Artists Programme at LUX in 2010. Recent performances have been presented at South London Gallery and Oberhausen Short Film festival in Germany. Earlier this year, she completed the new film Tenant, which was produced as part of Film London Artists Image Network in London. This film was premiered in an exhibition at Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, where she also presented the new performance work Glass and Honey.