The Circuit

Moi Tran (Vietnam/UK)

Sun 28 Oct 2018

Ipswich Art Gallery

12:00-17:00 // Durational // Part of £10 Ipswich Art Gallery Pass

Photo by Moi Tran

The Circuit — A Movement Scenario is an improvisational durational movement piece based on the act of walking as performance and thinking, presented by an East Asian female ensemble.

The track represents continuum whilst walking speaks of commonplace rituals, exploring a process of ‘soft activism’ the women venture forth to contemplate origin, gender, intimacy, visibility and common‑ism. Open and intimate, The Circuit manifests a viewing experience of physical and psychological intensity, encouraging introspection and union of artists and the viewers.

Moi Tran is a multimedia artist exploring Performance as Philosophy, working in live performance, text, object‑making, installation and video. Born in North Vietnam, presently living and working in London. A refugee of the Vietnam War, her work investigates the ‘eternal detour of identity’ and the effects of dis/placement and memory in a negotiation of transient, non‑still identity.

Movement: Jane Chan, Iris Chan, Sung Im Her, Hazel Lam.

Sound: Moi Tran

Part of the SPILL OPEN, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation

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