The Machine Legends

Adam Electric (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014, Fri 31 Oct 2014

Photo by Dee O'Connell

The Machine Legends is an installation/performance piece exploring the human body through mythology and fetishism.

The performer is encased in an airtight latex structure and uses their own breathing to maintain a vacuum inside, making the latex suck tightly around their body. The vacuumed latex simultaneously sexualises and dehumanises the performer’s body, turning them into a living sculpture.

Acting out scenes from a fictional mythology the performer appears as a figure of carved stone but through the alabaster coloured latex they are clearly a living breathing human trapped inside.

Adam Electric explores fetish and mythology in his vacuumed latex performance/installations. Developed from his costumes, Adam creates and performs in sculptural pieces that distort and restrain the human form. He blurs the line between the living performer and the inanimate materials as the two become interconnected.

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