The Mirror

People Like Us (UK)

Fri 02 Nov 2018

Ipswich Film Theatre

19:00 + 20:00 // 35 mins // £10, £15 double bill with Carter Tutti. Also part of SPILL Passes

The Mirror Film Still

The Mirror is a live audio‑visual performance which splices together movie snippets with unique sample‑based music exploring the masks that we wear represented through the lens, using parallel narratives across the screen to depict an ever‑changing stream, rather than a singular, fixed being, narrative or moment in time.

A feat of research and craft, this new work is a spellbinding inquiry into editing and juxtaposition; a collage one can unthread allowing the viewer to discover hidden stories through familiar images. The soundtrack is performed live, made up from hundreds of preexisting songs, as well as particular sounds from the original film clips.

Since 1991 British artist Vicki Bennett has been working across the field of audio‑visual collage, and is recognised as an influential and pioneering figure in the still growing area of sampling, appropriation and cutting up of found footage and archives.

Supported by Arts Council England