The Queen’s Boudoir

Lauren Jane Williams (UK)

Thu 30 Oct 2014, Fri 31 Oct 2014, Sat 01 Nov 2014

Photo by Manuel Vason

An immersive, voyeuristic and visceral installation, loosely inspired by Jean Genet’s brothel set play, the balcony, incorporating live performance and film.

Within this transgressive and decadent space, notions of excess, warped desire, surreal feminine ‘otherness’ and abject sexuality are explored. Throughout the duration of this performative installation, these themes of seductive, abject, decadent desire, lead ultimately to outcomes of destruction, self-annihilation, death and decay. Time, space and the senses become warped in this ‘House of Illusions’. This is a mirror world of false spectacle and masquerade, surrounding the hidden, abject, desiring ‘feminine’ objectified body.

Lauren Jane William utilises sculpture, costume based performance, installation and experimental video. She’s interested in creating immersive installation environments in which the audience would perhaps begin to viscerally question their own physicality. Currently issues of mutable gender, sexuality, the explicit body, desire, decadence and ultimately decay inform her practice.

Film element: Ron Athey, Mouse, Empress Stah, Nina Davies, Manuel Vason, Yasmin Francis (makeup in film)

Prosthetic sculpture/makeup: Hermes Pittakos

Ines Von Bonhorst (Film Editor)