The Think Tank Workbook Launch

Thu 30 Oct 2014

Join Pacitti Company and Live Art UK as we launch a new publication aimed at anyone with an interest in performance studies and artist-led models for forging new communities.

Across the past 2 years Pacitti Company have made, curated and presented a rolling series of public events at its Ipswich Think Tank building. These have included salons and talks, themed feasts, film screenings, classes, surgeries, exhibitions and more.

People from many walks of life have taken part, including some of the UK’s most exciting performance makers, forensics experts, tarot specialists, archaeologists, futurologists, newly migrant women to the UK, healthcare professionals, horror fanatics, sex workers, new technologists, wayward choreographers, and sound artists.

This new publication brings together writing and thinking around these events. It highlights various artistic ways of working shared by participants, and philosophical principles that have been put at stake by invited guests and also members of the public. It also functions as a hands-on workbook, offering writing exercises and other experiments for you to try yourself, plus useful links to other sources of related information.

Edited by Robert Pacitti, Deveril, and Lucy Walker, with contributions from Giovanna Maria Casetta, jamie lewis hadley, Jo Bannon, Johanna Linsley, John Bowers, Julia Bardsley, Katy Baird, Lauren Barri Holstein, Lucy Hutson, Lucy Walker, Luke Pell, Martin O’Brien, Season Butler, and Stephanie Schrober.

Co-published by Pacitti Company and Live Art UK – a national network, bringing together key promoters and facilitators to support and develop the Live Art infrastructure for the benefit of artists and audiences.

The Think Tank Workbook will be available to buy from SPILL Atrium for a special festival price of £10