The Wishing Machine

Teleplasmiste (UK)

Fri 02 Nov 2018

SPILL Central

22:30 // 60 mins // £5, part of SPILL Passes

Photo by Teleplasmiste

‘The Wishing Machine’ by Teleplasmiste is a mesmerising electronic meditation exploring audio and sub‑audible frequencies that can induce potent emotional and physiological states.

The performance incorporates powerful synthesisers, acoustic woodwind and percussion instruments and hypnotic video to transport those who experience it to strange new worlds.

Teleplasmiste are Mark O. Pilkington, whose work has extended from publishing counterculture literature as Strange Attractor Press to summoning electronic drone reveries with Raagnagrok and Urthona, and Michael J. York, who brought his wide knowledge of traditional wind instruments to bear in bands that include Coil, Cyclobe, Guapo and The Stargazer’s Assistant.

The duo blur vintage synthesis and contemporary electronics with acoustic pipes to create a transcendent reverie that exists on a wavelength beyond both retro fetishism and modern‑day machinations.