Turned Red Earth

Lucy Greeves (UK)

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Ipswich Waterfront


Photo by Eleanor Skan

“The grass is about a foot long and thousands of poppies are swaying along the lips of the trench.”

Fleeting moments of beauty, seen through the eyes of soldiers from both sides, bring the wholesale destruction of WW1 into poignant focus. Turned Red Earth is a book and a series of sited texts that weave together words from war diaries alongside exquisite portraits of local wildflowers to create small, intimate points of connection that collapse the distance of a century.

At SPILL, large format prints of Turned Red Earth will appear as billboards on Ipswich Waterfront.

Lucy Greeves is a writer based in North Essex. Her work has ranged in subject matter from the First World War to her childhood in Kenya; she has also written extensively on the practice and philosophy of yoga and meditation. Her first book, The Naked Jape, established her as an authority on the origins and meaning
of comedy. She is currently writing a book reflecting on the lives and deaths of missionary wives and mothers in 19th Century Africa.

Photographer: Eleanor Skan
Designer: William Joseph

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